The PE SAAF Museum & Friends of the Museum are providing lots of exciting things at the Baywest Air Show on Saturday 25th October.

 These include:

 A raffle of a stretched digital art SAAF Mirage jet fighter formation at R10 per ticket number.

  1. Mince and rice curry containers and soft drinks on sale from the Friends
  2. Aviation Shop in the new Museum reception with a large range of aviation models, toys and memorabilia.
  3. Home cooked specialities, sweets, crisps and soft drinks on sale in the Museum kitchen area.
  4. Friends of the Museum branded T-shirts and caps in the reception shop.
  5. The Don Bell Aviation Art Gallery.
  6. Gunnery Building exhibition hall with a DeHavilland vampire jet, Mirage F1 jet fighter, Alouette helicopter, Impala jet fighter.
  7. In the Bellman Hangar we are displaying the Airspeed Oxford ww2 trainer bomber, full scale Spitfire fighter plane being built and outside, the Puma helicopter, Bosbok and North American Harvard.
  8. Buccaneer Flight Simulator – first com-first-served booking from 08h00.

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